The Process


Once we have received your completed forms one of our legally trained advisors will contact you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your case and assess your options. In order to do this they will also need copies of any paperwork you may still retain and in particular one or both of the following;

1.     Purchase Agreement(s)

2.     Membership Certificate(s)


The Assessment is an easy process where we are looking to establish a number of facts. Some of these facts will include key dates of your purchases, what you were told and what your experiences where. This assessment will form the basis of our legal argument and consequently allow us to establish what the best option or options that can be pursued for you.


Recommended Course of Action(s)

There are a number of options that can be taken dependent on key facts gleaned from our assessment. Sometimes it is only possible to pursue the Relinquishment of your Timeshare Maintenance Fees to the exclusion of all other options. However, if you are able to pursue either a claim for compensation via Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974, or a Collective Action in the High Court, Relinquishment can be also pursued as part of the overall strategy. Rest assured we will advise you of all possibilities.

Relinquishment & Timescales


Relinquishment is very simply the cancellation of your Maintenance Fees which over your lifetime and possibly your children’s can amount to a considerable figure indeed. Relinquishment may also in certain circumstances include the cancellation of the ongoing loan for the Timeshare product purchased as well. However, with relinquishment there is no compensation that can be recovered it is purely a cancellation process which in itself can equate to a saving of tens of thousands of pounds over the lifetime.

Typically relinquishment will take 6 weeks from starting your claim where a fixed NO WIN NO FEE is charged ONLY upon a successful outcome.

Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974


In essence these are claims for compensation of the entire purchase amount. The claim must be within the ‘Statute of Limitation’ where part of the purchase was made on a credit card. Subject to your case meeting the necessary requirements a claim could be made which we would expect to receive a conclusion within 3-4 months, and if successful we would charge a NO WIN NO FEE of 30% + VAT.

Our team have considerable experience in this area and will be able to advise you as to the likelihood of a successful claim.


Collective Action High Court

Harrison Moorcroft Litigation (HML) is a special purpose vehicle and an associate company that provides clients with a cohesive strategy in claiming and exiting their Timeshare contracts by joining a Collective Action that alleviates the expense of bringing a single claim by the individual. In short HML will fully fund and manage the Collective Action removing any expense or stress from the individual.

This Class Action is expected to run up to 2 years where if successful HML will charge a 40% + VAT net of any costs on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.


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